Reviving a 1982 HP-41CV

Posted on 14 January 2022 in misc

After 15 years, I finally made time to revive my 1980s HP-41CV calculator: by repairing bad contacts and adding a USB power cable, it now is back as my daily desk calculator.

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Using LiveReload with Pelican

Posted on 16 June 2015 in misc • Tagged with pelican, python

LiveReload is magic. As the authors describe it:

The Web Developer Wonderland

(a happy land where browsers don't need a Refresh button) -- LiveReload

What does it do? It's a browser plugin that automatically refreshes a page when the server tells it to. On the other side, we have a web …

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raw_input in matplotlib with plot interaction

Posted on 08 August 2012 in misc • Tagged with python, matplotlib

When working with data, you sometimes need to view the data and give input on how to continue. However, a simple

answer = raw_input()
will not work: the plot GUI will block while the raw_input() is waiting. The following is a (admittedly hacky) solution to this problem: run raw_input() in a seperate thread, and poll the GUI using waitforbuttonpress():

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git-http-backend on shared hosting, with push

Posted on 12 October 2010 in misc • Tagged with git, servers

There are several posts describing how to get git pull using git-http-backend working on shared hosting, for example this post by mobiphil. However, following those steps, I was left with an unclear 'code 22' error when pushing.

In this post, I will describe shortly how I set-up git on my shared hosting account in a way that does allow pushing.

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